Technical Excursion "Aspern Urban Lakeside-Living Lab"

On Wednesday, 27 April 2016 the excursion takes place.
The maximum number of participants is 100. Duration: 14.00 – approx. 17.30
Presentation and guided tour only in German!
A reservation for " Aspern Urban Lakeside - Living Lab " has to be made in advance together with the official congress registration!
Participation only with a valid voucher!

Aspern Urban Lakeside - Living Lab

Aspern IQ
Aspern Urban Lakeside with an area of 240 hectres is growing in the 22nd district of Vienna. Until 2018 there will be 10500 flats for 20000 inhabitants and roughly 20000 working places. Today 2600 flats for nearly 6100 residents already exist, also a 50000 m² lake for relaxing, a underground connection and a business park, e.g. Hörbiger.

With a special focus on sustainability, a high living quality will be reached by a minimum consumption of resources and low emissions. The urban lakeside is a "living lab", where not only well-known developments are realized but also new trends are optimized.
Therefore in 2012 the technology center aspern IQ was opened. In this center the Aspern Smart City Research (ASCR), a joint venture of an energy provider, an energy grid supplier, a technical research company and the City of Vienna, develops solutions for the new energy supply in the real life.

In the following building stage, the gap between the existing living quarter and the underground station will be finalized. There will be the "HoHo Wien", a 24 floor high wooden highrise building, which will be a novelity for Austria and a landmark for the Aspern Urban Lakeside!

More information about these developments can be expected during the presentations in the aspern IQ and the following guided tour.


lectures (only in German)(14.00-15.30)
Seestadt Aspern im Überblick
Dr. Gerhard Schuster, Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG
Intelligentes Management von Gebäuden
(Verbrauch, Erzeugung und Speicherung von Energie)
DWI Bernd Richter, Aspern Smart City Research (ASCR)
HoHo Wien - Holzhochhaus in Hybridbauweise
Dr. Richard Woschitz, RWT+ZT GmbH
Bmstr. DI Alexander Kunz, Die innovativen Brandschutzplaner GmbH
Besichtigung Seestadt (15.30-17.30)
guided tour (only in German)
Marvin Mitterwallner, Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG


Technical Excursion "Aspern Urban Lakeside - Living Lab" 15,00 € inkl. VAT.

Wednesday ,
27 April 2016

14:00 - ~17:30

Excursion - Meeting Point

aspern IQ
Technology Center, ground floor,
Seestadtstraße 27, 1220 Vienna
(underground station U2